The Future of Tradition: Son Tinh Ruou

In 1999, Markus Madeja and Dan Dockery opened a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam, where they served home-made ruou, a distilled liquor, made out of scented rice, locally produced fruit and Vietnamese herbs and spices. Over the years, their ruou recipe improved as they tested new ingredients and distilling methods and their restaurant became a local hot spot, known for its premium locally made spirits.

Son Tinh was founded in 2002 and Madeja and Dockery significantly improved their distillery. The liquor, which comes in rose apple, apricot, fragrant stick rice and 9 other flavors has since also spread out around the world and won its first international awards. But sadly, given Vietnams rich cultural and culinary traditions, Son Tinh is often the only Vietnamese product present at trade shows.

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Things could quickly change, however, with the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam, which could not only help Son Tinh to bring ruou to Europe, but also increase Vietnamese exports to the EU in general. Son Tinh’s slogan is “The Future of Tradition” and hopefully, EU-Vietnam free trade will rapidly become a tradition, allowing Europeans and Vietnamese alike to enjoy the best of their in the future.



Son Tinh’s story was originally published on Munchies on September 27, 2016. To read the full story, click here.

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