Premium Irish Whiskey from Royal Oak: The Walsh Whiskey Distillery

60% of our annual turnover comes from outside the EU and 95% of whiskey produced in Ireland is exported. This is why trade is so important for our company and the Irish whiskey sector. The EU has helped our sector by recognizing and validating Irish Whiskey as having a unique Geographical Indicator. The Irish whiskey sector is ambitious for its future with plans for the distillery base to grow from only a handful today to 30 by 2025, backed with over €1.2bn in private investment. – Bernard Walsh, Managing Director Walsh Whiskey Distillery

Located in the Ancient East region of Ireland, Walsh Whiskey Distillery produces award-winning premium Irish whiskey by combining innovative expressions with recipes from the 19th century, a time widely known as the golden era of Irish whiskey. The company has continuously invested in its expansion since its formation in 1999 and recently opened the first new whiskey distillery in the South-East of Ireland in 100 years. The new distillery and visitor center offer jobs to 32 employees and Managing Director Bernard is very optimistic that his company will grow further in the future.

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Irish whiskey is loved internationally and it is very welcome to see that the EU is taking steps to remove tariffs and other trade barriers that today limit Walsh Whiskey’s international success. As the EU has agreed upon a deal with Canada, is in the closing stages of negotiations with Japan and is about to start negotiations with Australia and New Zealand – all countries in which Walsh Whiskey is particularly appreciated, by the way – the respective deals could, once implemented, significantly further the global success story of Walsh Whiskey. And thankfully, the EU seeks to ensure the protection of Geographical Indicators in its trade agreements, so that Irish whiskey’s world-renowned reputation can be upheld and spread by Walsh’s premium whiskey.



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