Licor Beirão: Traditional Portuguese Liqueur distilled by the Redondo Family

Our exports to more than 40 countries represent about 25% of our annual turnover and our product is especially well-received in the US and Brazil. To grow our exports, we are focusing our energy on increasing our foothold in new markets. To succeed on our mission, we need tariff liberalisation and harmonisation of market access rules like certification procedures, customs cooperation and regulatory convergence. Removing these barriers to trade would significantly benefit our craft distillery. – Daniel Redondo, CEO of Licor Beirão

Since its foundation in 1940, Licor Beirão has been handed from one member of the Redondo family to the next one. Current CEO Daniel Redondo is the grandson of founder José Carranca Redondo and began working at the company when he was only 18 years old. Daniel’s two daughters and many of his nephews are also already involved in the company and will continue the family tradition in the future. Located in the Quinta do Meiral in the district of Coimbra, Portugal, the Redondo family has been producing the traditional Portuguese liqueur based on a secret recipe dating back to 1910 or earlier.

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The distillery includes a farm with more than 12 hectares, where the family grows some aromatic plants and seeds required to produce their traditional liqueur. But the double distillation production of Licor Beirão also relies on importing ingredients from India and Brazil. However, importing ingredients is complicated by trade barriers, and so is exporting Licor Beirão, as tariffs for spirits in the Mercosur trading bloc can be as high as 35%. The future success of Licor Beirão and its 82 employees relies on the reduction of trade barriers with third countries by the EU. For the Liqueur of Portugal and for the Redondo family, the implementation of free trade agreements offers profound growth potential, helping the company to succeed and to expand.


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