The Biercée Distillery

Distillerie de Biercée, founded in 1946, is a Belgian craft distiller, exporting traditional Liqueurs, Eaux-de-vie, Gin and Genever to a dozen countries outside the EU. Simplifying customs procedures and cutting tarrifs would significantly boost our exports. - Thierry Verhoeven, CEO at Distillerie de Biercée

The Biercée distillery, located in a 16th century building in the heart of Wallonia (Belgium) was founded in 1946 as a local fruit distilling cooperative of apples and cherries. Product innovation and development are key to this small company employing 15 members of staff.  From traditional production of Eaux-de-vie and Liqueurs, the entreprise is innovating into new categories such as premium Gin, Bitter and soon into Whiskey.  Currently, 35% of the company’s exports go to the USA.  The 3,000 fans on the Biercée USA facebook page is a nice start into the main exporting country for European spirits (representing €3,8bn exports in value in 2015).

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When Belgium cannot provide the right type of fruit, the Biercée Distillery imports its fruit from elsewhere. Although its lemons may come from Murcia in Spain, the Distillery also imports products from beyond the EU, such as Williams pears from Valais in Switzerland. Approximately 300 tons of fruit, more than two tons of various berries and plants, and 15,000 litres of apple juice are used every year.




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